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Weekly Food introduces Florence, a specialist in diet teaching nutrition to empower you to reach your goals.

What is Florelife Nutrition ? What am I?

As a dietician-nutritionist, my background is atypical.

Having worked in the world of elite sports (soccer, cycling, kick boxing, ski mountaineering and badminton), I have also built my reputation by working for the press for many years and writing dietary columns.

After a few years of experience, I created the bariatric and visceral surgery dietetic department in a clinic that had never had a dietitian before, a position I later left in order to regain 100% independence and pursue the world of sports and weight loss in private practice and online.

Today I offer you my expertise to teach you how to manage your diet by yourself, whether you are athletic or not, whether you want to lose weight or simply find a good balance and a good relationship with your food.

The packages I propose will allow you to become autonomous little by little and you will always have the choice to opt for a private coaching in addition, or to be satisfied with the recorded video training.


My approach

My approach is to teach rather than to give a pre-set program that will not make you autonomous.

The pleasure of the table remains an essential element for me, being myself an epicurean.

Forget about restrictive diets and deprivation, take control of your life while having fun and not feeling guilty.

Perform in your sport activity by applying simple and effective tips.

Overall results

Changing your habits and taking charge of your nutrition requires patience and self indulgence.

The results will start to be felt at the end of the first month of application of the advice.

Take the time to implement them gradually and move on to the next part of the program only when the first objectives have been properly implemented.

Training program - 7 days to degrease, deacidify and

detoxify your body

Private diet coaching - Online

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