Balanced meals to reach your goals.

Weekly Food - Fit meal - Prepared meals delivered in Switzerland and ready to eat since 2021.

Our healthy meals, for your slimming, weight loss and food balance objectives.

Save time while varying your diet.

Our homemade and ready-to-eat meals make it easier for you to reach your goals.

Most of our meals are rated Nutri-score A or B, without preservatives and made with regional products.

The products of the Fit Meal range contain a minimum of 25g of protein / maximum 680 calories.

Weekly Food is your ally in the achievement of your slimming objectives, weight loss or for your support in sports nutrition.

Healthy meals delivered in Switzerland

Our diet meals. How does it work?

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All our meals are prepared in Switzerland by our team of qualified cooks. Ready to eat in 4 minutes.

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Our fresh meal boxes are delivered to your door throughout Switzerland.

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Bacalhau in Braga and potatoes

Vary your diet easily. Our balanced meals help you reach your goals.

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What is Florelife Nutrition ? What am I?

As a dietician-nutritionist, my background is atypical.

Having worked in the world of elite sports (soccer, cycling, kick boxing, ski mountaineering and badminton), I have also built my reputation by working for the press for many years and writing dietary columns... Read more

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