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Weekly Food - Fresh box containing your weekly meals delivered in Switzerland since 2021.

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Do I need a subscription to order weekly meals?

This is not necessary. You are free to order once, from time to time or weekly.
As a customer, when new recipes are published, you will receive them by e-mail and you can easily order when you like the menu.

How fresh is the prepared food?

We buy fresh products every week.
Our purchases are made according to the orders of the week, which allows us for the most part to use no frozen products. Except sometimes for seafood products.

How much does a Weekly Food meal cost?

Weekly Food orders can be placed for as few as 3 meals per week.

The basic price for a ready-to-eat meal cooked by our chefs is CHF 16.95.

Prepared food delivery with Weekly Food

How does meal delivery work in Switzerland?

We deliver throughout Switzerland via our partner Swiss Post.

Parcels are entrusted to Swiss Post at the end of the day, usually on Mondays, and dispatched promptly to your home.

You can choose the delivery day that suits you best. From Tuesday to Thursday.

You can choose between Priority delivery - before 17:00 or Express delivery before 09:00.

For greater reliability, we recommend Express delivery, or you can try both.

If you are absent at the time of delivery, your parcel will be deposited in the adjoining compartment of the letterbox or at the front door of the building.

Our boxes are designed to preserve the freshness of your dishes for at least 36 hours.

So don't worry, your meals will stay fresh even if they've been waiting for your return.
Delivery is available at the following rates:

Priority delivery at CHF 12.00 - for a meal box delivered to your home before 5:00 p.m.
Express delivery at CHF 24.00 - for a meal box delivered to your home before 9:00 a.m.
Distribution on the floor at CHF 3.50.

What should I do with my empty lunch box?

Our parcels include isothermal equipment and cold accumulators.

If you wish, you can return the parcels to us via Swiss Post - using the return label we enclose in the box you receive.

When you place your order, we automatically add an item to your basket. This is the return service, which is optional.

Here's theitem in question. The return by La Poste costs CHF 8.70.

You can collect the Optional - Return of parcel item if you do not wish to return the parcel to us and would rather recycle it yourself.

If you have a return label, simply present your parcel at a La Poste counter.

Wherever possible, we try to reuse the delivery material.

If you wish to avoid having to go to a post office counter to return the parcel to us, you can ask for the parcel to be picked up at your home.

To do this, please follow the instructions provided by La Poste and the pick@home service.

Can I order from abroad for someone in Switzerland?

You can order meals or coupons from anywhere in the world, as a gift for example, and choose to have them delivered to a loved one in Switzerland.

To do this, simply select the delivery address of your contact in Switzerland.

Sometimes, you will also have to choose this address in Switzerland for your contact information.

Under Order Note, at checkout, you can add any useful information.

For more support, contact us directly at

Delivery of ready-to-eat menus

Weekly Food uses an innovative recyclable cardboard packaging solution.

It is a first in Switzerland for an artisanal prepared meals company, Weekly Food becomes a pioneer in offering its customers a recyclable cardboard solution.

This new technology keeps your meals fresh for 7 days with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

A sustainable and recyclable solution, our containers use 85% less plastic and allow for easy waste separation.

To learn more about our history, take a look at our Who are we?

Payment of your weekly menu

How do I pay for my meals and is it safe?

Your payments on our website are always secure.
Payments are made through the Swiss company Wallee and no information is recorded by us.
The website you are visiting is itself hosted in Switzerland.

Do you have my credit card details?

We never have any knowledge of your payment information, card number or security code.

Can I change my payment method from one order to another?

At any time, you are free to use the payment method of your choice. Twint, credit card or Paypal.

All about our homemade reheatable dishes.

How do I proceed with my reheatable meals?

Each recipe is unique and therefore has its own instructions.

As a general rule, it takes 3'30 min in the microwave - 12 min in the traditional oven to reheat a dish.

We use microwave safe trays.

However, we recommend that you transfer the dish to a suitable container and use your traditional oven.

The trays are not compatible with the traditional oven. We recommend transferring the dish to a suitable container.

How long can I keep my Weekly Food?

Upon receipt, the dishes should be placed and stored in the refrigerator.

As a rule, they will keep for 7 days. However, please follow the instructions on the trays.
An opened dish (lid removed) must be consumed within a few hours.

Are meal trays recyclable?

Yes, our trays are recyclable. This Jospak technology keeps your meals fresh with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Simply remove the plastic film separating the food from the cardboard shell and easily recycle it after eating.

Can I freeze my prepared meals?

Yes, if you don't eat all the food you receive in a week, you can freeze it.
A frozen dish can be kept for two months.
Once thawed, the dish must be eaten the same day.

More details 🙂

How are the dishes prepared?

All dishes are prepared in Switzerland in our professional kitchen located in Saint-Imier in the Bernese Jura.
Our concept allows us to provide ourselves with a maximum of fresh products.
The technology of protective atmosphere allows us to add no additional preservatives in our dishes.
We do not use any additional additives.

Can I have meals according to my allergies or intolerances?

Yes, in case you can't tolerate certain ingredients, we invite you to select the checkboxes "Only" without such ingredient, in the "Menu" tab.
The dishes are then filtered according to your preferences.
Caution: although we do our best to avoid cross-contamination, we prefer to announce that traces of all types of allergens can be found in the dishes.

What happens to unsold goods?

As we know in advance the volume of orders for each week, we are able to drastically reduce our waste.
However, for our corporate offer, some unsold items may remain.
So, we freeze these and offer them on TooGoodTooGo or donate them to associations.

In 4 minutes. Enjoy weekly meals delivered to your door.

It's no commitment and no subscription 🙂

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