How does it work?

Delivery of prepared meals in Switzerland

delivery of prepared meals in trays

Finally, ready-made meals that meet your needs.

Without subscription, discover the delivery of prepared meals directly to your door.

Diversity on your plate.

We offer new meals every week, which we publish here on our website every Friday.

When you wish, order your meals for the coming week.

We operate without subscription.

Our model allows us to source the majority of our products fresh, once the weekly orders are closed.

85% less plastic.

Our cooks prepare your meals as if you were in a restaurant.

The difference is that we place our menus in individual portions and in a protective atmosphere so that you can consume your meals over several days.

The hermetic packaging of our meals, made mainly of cardboard, uses 85% less plastic than traditional trays.

In just a few minutes .

Our containers are directly compatible with the microwave oven.

They heat up in just a few minutes .

You can also choose to transfer the meals to a suitable dish and reheat them in a pan or in the oven, it is even tastier.

To extend the shelf life of your meals, we useno addedpreservatives.

Prepared food delivery with Weekly Food

Nasi goreng

Attention in our recipes.

The shorter and more understandable the list of ingredients in a recipe, the better.

Unlike the ready-made meals of the supermarkets, at Weekly Food, we do not want our menus to have an endless shelf life.

One week of conservation in the refrigerator is enough. For you too, no?

As a result, we do not add any additives, colorants or preservatives to our recipes. We also avoid them as much as possible when selecting our raw materials. 

Our ingredients are consistent and natural.

Each meal is labeled with a complete list of ingredients and you will only see what is required in a homemade meal recipe.

Sweet and sour chicken with figs, ratatouille and quinoa

At home, at work, throughout Switzerland.

Our shipping method allows us to deliver our meals throughout Switzerland.

It's amazing, but we deliver our meals prepared by La Poste.

In order to ensure that the food passes from our kitchen to your door with the utmost respect for freshness, we use a set of isothermal elements.

Our menus travel as if they had never left the refrigerator, at a temperature between 02-04 C°, to the destination of your choice.

Our packages keep meals at this temperature for up to 36-48 hours.

The system has been tried and tested, since sensitive medicines, for example, have been transported in this way for a long time.

The system we use consists of a standard cardboard box, completed with an isothermal equipment made of recyclable material as well as one or several cold accumulators, also made of recyclable material.

Our shipments are made in "pro clima " shipment - full CO₂ compensation.

To learn more about compensation measures, visit La Poste's page.

Spinach dumplings with morel sauce and pearl barley with onions

Eating better has never been easier.

Our ready-made, but quality meals allow you to vary your diet easily, but also free up your time, saved in cooking and shopping.

Weekly Food offers you new possibilities for what you really like to do, while discovering new flavors and recipes.

You eat healthier without even thinking about it.

Forget the weekly shopping trip, the hours spent peeling vegetables and the question "What to cook tonight?

In just a few clicks, our chefs can cook for you and make your daily life easier. Nice, isn't it?

In 4 minutes. Try prepared food delivery.

It's no commitment and no subscription 🙂

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