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- Extract 100% region - Le Journal du Jura - May 2021 -

In the field of ready-to-eat food, Weekly Food is launching a new concept in the region.

The director Joris Humair presents us its functioning.

Although a newcomer to the food sector, the computer scientist has worked for several years around economic competitiveness.

To ensure the demanding operation of Weekly Food, he will lead a small team of two people.

A chef and a kitchen assistant will prepare artisanal menus using fresh and local products.

The 28 year old from Biel has taken over a professional kitchen in Saint-Imier. The tour of the place, although quick, is likely to impress the invited visitor.

After the cooling cell, which is capable of lowering the temperature of the food intensively - thus preserving the flavors and naturally extending the shelf life of the meals - the sealing machine will be the company's second key component.

Two trays are inserted at a time. They are covered with a protective film in 15 seconds, then ready to be put in the refrigerator.

Joris Humair

Eight large refrigerated cabinets will be used to keep them and the products fresh. The packaged food will be preserved for one week without the use of additives.

To promote the appearance of the dishes on the website, the company has also set up a photo studio.

Weekly Food was created on the basis of a simple observation: the ready-to-eat offer of the supermarkets is practical in many situations, but often lacks quality.



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However, there is nothing to prevent you from combining tasty food - cooked just like at home - with a ready-to-heat meal.

In the middle of the COVID crisis, in May 2021, the challenge was for us to take advantage of the apparent calm to create a new company, with few means, but many ambitions.

Through our menu, which is renewed every week, we wanted to offer diversity, introduce our customers to new recipes and, more importantly, make their daily lives easier and more fun.

We started simple, with an experienced chef, a professional kitchen and a packaging system for our meals.

One of our priorities from the beginning of Weekly Food was to be able to offer environmentally friendly containers.

85% recyclable containers

It took some patience, but in just one year, we became a pioneer in Switzerland and can now offer our meals in 85% recyclable containers, still compatible with the microwave oven and guaranteeing the freshness of our meals for 7 days.

Since our beginning, we have regular customers in every canton of Switzerland and have prepared several thousand meals with the same attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Weekly Food now has a staff of about ten, two chefs, specialized in nutrition, several kitchen assistants as well as employees for packaging and customer relations.

Above all, we want to preserve what distinguishes us from large-scale distribution; professionalism in the preparation of foodstuffs and a homemade aspect, which is the very essence of what we like about our meals.

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