El Tony Mate - Guarana - 330ml

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The fresh infusion of mate tea, the drink of the gods par excellence in South America, and the guarana superfruit combine in a perfect alliance. This ideal blend gives you maximum energy all day long.

Guarana has nothing to envy coffee: in fact, the fruits of the guarana plant contain 5 to 10 times more caffeine than traditional coffee beans.

What's more, guarana contains dietary fibre and tannin, which are transported only slowly through the bloodstream. So the energizing power of El Tony Mate & Guarana is exceptionally long-lasting.

El Tony - Mate

El Tony Mate is cold-brewed with fresh mate from Argentina's Pindo farm.

They can trace the origins of their mate back to the bush and get to know the faces behind its culture.

Thanks to this, they can serve El Tony Mate to their fans with a clear conscience.

That's why their mate drinks contain no preservatives or concentrates, and are not artificially acidified...

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