Infusades - Organic Rooibois and Lemon Verbena Infusion - 330ml

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A theine-free organic herbal tea with Rooibos from the Western Cape region of South Africa blended with refreshing lemon verbena from the Swiss mountains.

100% natural infusion

Each batch is traditionally handcrafted by the Urban Kombucha team in their own facility on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Born and brewed in Lausanne, it all started in Arnaud's kitchen in 2013. Over time, it has grown into a full team and a factory. But the essence is still there: making delicious drinks. In a nutshell, kombucha is a tea-based drink fermented with symbiotic cultures of micro-organisms and yeast (called scoby!).


Organic infusion (water, rooibos*, Swiss lemon verbena*), Swiss sugar*, lemon juice*.

*certified organic

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Weight 330 g
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